Artist Bio

Hannah Carrick is a visual artist who works across various mediums including acrylic, oil and mixed media paintings on canvas and achival paper. Born in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches, Carrick's family relocated to northern New South Wales and settled in the coastal village of Lennox Head. Growing up by the sea and surrounded by the Byron Hinterland, Carrick spent most of her time at the beach, exploring rainforests and discovering waterfalls. These early experiences of nature and vivid memories of her childhood are referenced in Carrick's work. Carrick gained her independence early in life, having left home at the age of 16. This challenging path into womanhood has been reflected in her past works, from simple, fluid lines on canvas representing the female form, to bold, powerful women embracing their sexuality, beauty and confidence. Since 2015 Carrick has had 3 solo exhibitions and devoted collections to raise money for UNHCR and Dress For Success to help empower women.